82 percent of women say having sex with someone is a bit painful. How to have a good sex life?

Netizen A: "He is so rude, every time he makes me feel very painful, no joy!"

Xiaomei, 25, has a happy life with her husband. The only thing she is ashamed to say is that he has no experience. He has no foreplay during sex.

Small beauty feels sexual life is the responsibility of both husband and wife after all, can only be forced to endure, over time to sexual life is very afraid.

Net user B: "He is so boring, every time he does something hastily, just like perfunctory me, just feel a little bit finished."

Xiao Zhao'S HUSBAND IS a PROGRAMMER, DO not understand interest, on the bed is very dull and boring, every time routine, finish sleeping. This makes Xiao Zhao, who is looking forward to having sex, very depressed 39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá.

Netizen C: "He is so intemperate. He does it endlessly. I am exhausted all night and complain about the short time."

​A year has passedpassedpassed since the little Li accident of 30 to hand in a male friend of a university. A young male friend of the young force is full, often does not know abstinence after tasting forbidden fruit for the first time. Two people belladdish Luan pours phoenix, study and work are delayed in both.

0f07862302d39d01823812d975fc8096Just how low do women feel when they're in bed? Why is that?

1. More than half of women find it difficult to feel happy when sharing a bed.​
According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which pooled and analyzed data from the 2018 National Survey of Sexual Health and Sexual Behavior,

Among 382 mostly heterosexual women aged 14-49, 82 percent reported mild pain during sex and 73 percent reported pain for less than five minutes.

Less than 60 percent said they felt pleasure, 60 percent said they were looking forward to sex, 20 percent said they felt little pleasure and 20 percent said they did not want to have sex just to satisfy their partner. On top of that, only 51 percent of women share their pain and dissatisfaction with their partner after sex.

An Australian study of sexual behavior in the heterosexual community also found that men had an orgasm 95 percent of the time during sex, while women had only 69 percent.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 31% of men suffer from sexual dysfunction, and there are many ways to treat it. In contrast, 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction, but once it occurs, it is considered to be a genetic, psychological, or spiritual problem, which delays treatment.

Pain and dryness during sex is one thing, as is not sharing their needs and grievances with their partner, but there are also some women who fake orgasms when they feel mild pleasure or for the sake of their partner's self-esteem in order to keep the relationship smooth.

The taboo on sex in the traditional impression, the world's view on women, women's wrong understanding of the private parts of hair and skin color, and so on, make it difficult for many women to express their own sexual needs and dissatisfaction.

Two women have pain in the same room, there are three reasons
It's possible that women experience pain when they're in bed as a result of sex, but it could also be related to other factors, and understanding why can improve the quality of their sex life.

1. Improper sex life

Men in sexual intercourse, too violent into the female private parts friction and damage, will inevitably cause pain. This may be lack of experience, may also be some men, through this wrong way to obtain the satisfaction of conquest of others, must timely remind each other.

2. Physical diseases

When there is a history of related diseases in the female physiology, it may also cause pain due to the traction or compression of the lesions during sexual intercourse, such as genital organ and vulva inflammation, skin ulceration, ectopic pregnancy, luteal rupture and so on. Sometimes taking contraceptives during sexual life may also cause adverse drug reactions.

3. Psychological factors

Sexual life IS a major life change for both MEN and women, a lot of female psychological quality is low, to the first night or daily sex life pressure is too large, can cause pain in sexual life. It is also possible to have bad sex for the first time and leave a psychological shadow, resulting in excessive stress or anxiety, which can lead to pain.

Male partners have more "developed" reproductive organs, and entering too deep can also cause pain, especially if lubrication and foreplay are not in place, and women do it without adaptation, which will aggravate the pain. Other conditions that can cause pain include women with endopinismus, postmenopausal vaginal dryness, and vaginal tears.

Three, trouble female roommate pain, how to effectively relieve?
Sexual life is the common responsibility of both husband and wife, pleasure is, pain is also, in sexual life, both men and women should consider each other's feelings, at the same time, timely response to their own discomfort, if the same room pain, so do or can be alleviated.

1, psychological construction can not be less

Before the sex life, men should keep a gentleman elegant, slowly move, accompany their partner first, create a comfortable environment, let it relax, at the same time help women to do a good psychological construction, the next sex life has a general understanding.

2. Foreplay is important

The purpose of sex is not only to give birth, but also to sublimate the relationship between the couple. Foreplay must be done well, so that the woman can gradually adapt to the process, and lubrication can reduce the risk of pain.

3. Communicate in a timely manner if there is a problem

Before and after sex, if found each other's reproductive system or physical performance is abnormal, to stop in time, under normal circumstances, if both sides suffer from physiological diseases, it is best not to have sex, so as not to aggravate the disease.

4, sick timely treatment

When inflammation or tears occur in the female reproductive system, it should be treated promptly, and other diseases that may lead to painful sex should also be treated early, putting health first.

Four, teach you 3 moves, improve sex satisfaction.​

· Complementary knowledge

Although the public is no longer extremely shy about sex, there is a lack of systematic understanding, and the transmission of sexual knowledge is not complete. For those who are married or preparing for marriage, it is recommended that people seriously understand sex and learn knowledge in this field, so that they can correctly conduct and deal with related problems.

· Bold expression and self-focus

In sexual life, women can also pay more attention to their feelings, tell each other when they are comfortable, improve the match between the two sides, and boldly express when they are not comfortable, so that they can make progress. Men, too, need to express their view that sexual harmony can only be maintained if both partners are honest with each other.

· Exploratory love tips

Each person's understanding of sex is different, the expectation of sexual life is not the same, each other decided that the partner might as well open shy, bold try some sex skills, such as: lubrication, posture and so on, do not have to be too taboo.

Sex is the natural instinct of all animals, but also an important way of reproduction of life. For this matter, people in the past severe attack caused psychological shadow, but modern society must establish a correct understanding, not because of the wrong cognition delay family harmony, or even delay the disease.

​Finally, REMIND everyone: SEXUAL LIFE IS two PERSONAL things. Female friends must learn to share their minds, do not bear alone.

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