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  1. Platnum

    Symbol PT, silver gray white, a grade of 21.35, a melting point of 170 ° C, Moh's hardness 4-4.5 degrees, and stable chemical properties, except for king water, not subject to acid and alkali corrosion. Pure platinum is relatively soft, and adding metals such as 钌, 铑, and 钯 will increase its hardness. The color of platinum will not change, always white, but it will wear.
    18k gold is a alloy of gold and other metals, such as silver, copper, zinc, nickel, etc. The gold content of 18K gold is 75%, and the content of other metals is 25%. The 18K gold is slightly yellow with a slightly yellow, and the surface is plated.
    The platinum is soft compared to 18K gold, but it is not as weak as you think. As long as the ring arm does not deform, it does not bump, it will not fall. Then there is the style of the ring. The claw inlaid is better. Four or six claws, packets, or half -packets are also available. Do not choose two -point card inlaid (such as moonlight models). Be careful when you wear it and check it frequently.
    is one more point is 18K cheap

  2. Strictly speaking, it is the best with 18K diamonds, which is high, but PT900 is also sufficient. It is recommended that you buy PT900, PT900 is a platinum with 90%of the PT900, and 18K platinum is just 18K gold electroplating platinum. Xianhuang bottom
    PT900 platinum diamonds are not easy to loosen. It is best to let the clerk check the loosening of the diamond every time you go to clean.

  3. The hardness of 18K platinum is higher than PT00. However, the hardness of PT900 is fine.
    Whir depends on which one is inlaid with the inlaid diamond. It is absolutely okay to use the traditional paw inlaid to use PT900 to inlay it. If it is buried or wall inlaid, you can consider using 18K.

  4. The texture of 18K is relatively hard
    I as a ring, it is more abrasion -resistant
    , but the saying that it is easy to fall off for platinum stones
    It if the city is 24K Use 18K to inlaid stones

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