Do you have any local snacks in Hanzhong. Hanzhong City. It's a snack. Please tell me the name of the place and the name of the snack. Thank you

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  1. There is nothing special about snacks. I recommend 10 specialties. I hope they can help you

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    1. Yangxian black rice geographical indication product
    Yangxian black rice has a history of more than 2000 years. According to legend, in the Western Han Dynasty, before Zhang Qian came out, he studied in Chenggu, his hometown in Hanzhong (now Chenggu and Yangxian, Shaanxi). One day, he was sleepy reading in the willow forest, and fell asleep by the tree. In his dream, he toured the bullfighting palace, paid homage to the Wenqu star and asked for his future. Wen Quxing told him, "the future is long." Zhang Qian asked when he would become famous. Wenqu Xing replied, "the day you see black rice, that is, the day you get rich." From then on, Zhang Qian often went to the riverside to look for black rice in addition to hard reading poems and books. Three years later, one day, he finally found a gray rice ear in the wild rice. After peeling the rice shell, he found it was black rice. Zhang Qian happened to become an official in that year. It is said that Zhang Qian discovered... [details]

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    2. Chenggu tangerine geographical indication product
    Chenggu tangerine has a long history of cultivation, more than 2000 years ago. Chenggu citrus is sweet and sour, with unique flavor and excellent quality, which is favored by northern consumers mainly in the northwest. Vigorously develop the citrus industry, effectively promoting the formation of advantageous industries and the increase of farmers' income. The total area of Citrus in the county reaches more than 200000 mu, 209 administrative villages in 16 townships, 55000 households and 149000 farmers are engaged in citrus planting, 100000 mu of Citrus has been certified as national green food, and 2000 mu of Citrus has passed the national good agricultural operation standard certification. Two provincial and municipal leading enterprises of Citrus agricultural industrialization, Pan Asia and Dongsheng, and Huayuan Zheng Jiapo... [details]

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    3. Hanzhong Xianhao geographical indication product
    Hanzhong Xianhao effect Hanzhong Xianhao is the general name of three brands: Wuzi Xianhao, Dingjun Mingmei and Ningqiang Nestle tongue. Qinba is in full bloom in March, when green tea is fragrant. At the beginning of March, the designated tea stores in Hanzhong City, the main green tea producing area in southern Shaanxi, were uniformly replaced with the door logo with the words "Hanzhong Xianhao" printed on the national geographical indication product, which is based on the green tea garden. Hanzhong Xianhao Hanzhong is located in the south of Qinling Mountains, with a long history of tea production and superior ecological environment. The natural geographical advantages of "high latitude, high altitude, high probability of cloud and fog, and high content of zinc and selenium in the soil" make the reputation of Hanzhong tea market rise day by day. Since the end of the 1990s, Hanzhong Municipal Party committee and the city's tea industry... [details]

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    4. Lueyang Polyporus umbellatus geographical indication product
    Polyporus umbellatus is a commonly used fungus medicinal material in China. It has a medical history of more than 2000 years and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. Polyporus umbellatus has a long history of application in China. As early as in the book Zhuangzi, it was called "rag zero"; The Shennong materia medica classic is listed as the middle grade. It is recorded in the collection of Materia Medica that "Maple Ling has a black skin and looks like pig excrement, so it is named after it. The meat is white and solid, and the black skin can be removed with it." According to the book of Materia Medica Yanyi, "Polyporus umbellatus is a good medicine for water. If you take it for a long time, it will damage the kidney qi and make you faint.". According to the book "seeking truth from Materia Medica", Polyporus umbellatus can be used in combination with other prescriptions such as Siling and Wuling. Although it is similar to Alisma orientalis in nature, it can enter the bladder and kidney channels together to relieve heat and remove moisture, promote the orifices and benefit the water. However, when the water disappears, the spleen will be dry, and when the water is exhausted, the Qi will go away. Lueyang Polyporus... [details]

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    5. Geographical indication products of Lueyang black fowl
    the origin of Lueyang black fowl is distributed in heiheba, yudongzi, Lianghekou, Guanyin temple, xiantaiba, Xiakouyi and other townships and towns in the Heihe River Basin in the southern foot of Qinling Mountains. The body of Lueyang black chicken with specific quality is nearly square, with the characteristics of "six end black" of black crown, black beak, black toe, black tongue and black skin, so it is also called "six point black". The cock is tall, with strong bones, thick and long legs, developed muscles, wide and deep body, short and downward bent beak, generally with a single crown of 6-7 teeth, large flesh beard, dark or purple crown and flesh beard, chestnut rainbow, high neck, slightly protruding keel, wide and deep chest. The two wings are broad, the tail feathers are developed, and the Yao feathers are towering. Four toes, big open toes. Figure... [details]

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    6. Wuzixianhao geographical indication product
    wuzixianhao tea is a kind of green tea, which is produced in Xixiang County, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, known as "China's famous tea town". Founded in 1984, it is a famous brand product in Shaanxi Province. Its shape is like an orchid, its color is green, and the buds at the bottom of the leaves are even and tender. Basic introduction: wuzixianhao is a famous green tea, which is produced in Wuzi mountain, the holy land of Southern Taoism in Xixiang County, Shaanxi Province. It is a national famous green tea developed by Xixiang County Tea Science and technology personnel. It is the special tea for Foreign Affairs gifts of Shaanxi provincial government, known as the queen of tea. The tea garden is located in the south of Shaanxi and in the east of Hanzhong District. The annual average temperature is 14.7 ℃, the annual rainfall is 1000-1500 mm, and the altitude is 600-1200 meters. It is suitable for tea... [details]

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    7. Ningqiang Nestle geographical indication products
    the geographical range is Hanyuan, gaozhaizi, Hujiaba, tiesuoguan, Qingmuchuan, Guangping, yanzibian, Yangpingguan, Da'an, daijiaba, Bashan Ningqiang Nestle is a famous flat tea developed by Ningqiang, Shaanxi Province. It is an excellent tea variety growing in the altitude of 600-1200m in 16 townships of anlehe, Shujiaba, huangbayi, kuanchuan and Nanping. Its shape is slightly flat and straight, the color is green, the silver hair is disclosed, the shape is like a sparrow tongue, the soup color is green and bright, the aroma is long and fragrant, the taste is mellow and sweet, the leaf bottom is green and blossoms, and it is rich in tea polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins, caffeine, trace elements and other substances. It is the best product for drinking and health care. Due to its appearance and origin... [details]

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    8. Zhenba bacon is a geographical indication product
    bacon, also known as bacon, is a local specialty in Qinba Mountain Area in southern Shaanxi. And the bacon in Zhenba County is even more The best of them. The reason why "Zhenba Bacon" is famous in southern Shaanxi is that its unique pickling process, exquisite material selection, preservation method and cooking technology have created today's Zhenba bacon. Zhenba bacon uses natural wind to dry its water. The meat is bright in color, mellow in flavor, no throat, smokeless and smokeless. During the processing, the original juice moisture is maintained, and there is no roughness and no fire. It is loved by consumers. This pollution-free natural bacon is rich in various amino acids and trace elements required by the human body, making it a good gift for relatives and friends. In the large and small restaurants in Zhenba, bacon has become the best of the dishes, and pork with five flowers... [details]

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    9. Lueyang Eucommia geographical indication product
    Eucommia ulmoides is a Eucommia plant of Eucommiaceae, and the dried bark of Eucommia ulmoides is Chinese herbal medicine. China's first pharmaceutical monograph Shennong materia medica records Du Tu 1 Lueyang dried Eucommia products Zhongyou: "it is spicy, mild and non-toxic. It can cure waist and spine pain, replenish the middle, replenish qi, strengthen the muscles and bones, strengthen the will, remove the itching under the Yin, and urinate. It is a traditional precious Chinese herbal medicine with the efficacy of" long-term use, light body and aging resistance ". Lueyang, Shaanxi Province, is the native place and suitable area of Eucommia ulmoides and the central production area of Eucommia ulmoides with a long history of development. Since Lueyang was identified as the key base county of Eucommia ulmoides by the state at the national woody medicinal materials conference in 1983, Lueyang has made use of the policies of long-term prevention and long-term treatment, poverty alleviation and development, auction of four wastelands, conversion of farmland to forests, and natural forest protection to, ... [details]

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    10. Hanzhong Fuzi geographical indication products
    Qinba mountain area is an extremely important animal and plant resource bank and traditional Chinese medicine bank in China, with abundant natural Chinese medicinal materials. 1 Hanzhong Specialty: Fuzi resources. Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province is the origin and main production area of Chinese traditional characteristic and advantageous Chinese herbal medicine - Aconitum. It has been called "the hometown of Chinese Aconitum" by people in the traditional Chinese medicine circles. Aconitum mainly contains more than 20 ingredients such as aconitine, hypoaconitine, aconitine, and Chinese aconitine. It can be used in medicine, chemical industry, military science, ecological pesticides and other industries. Its pharmacological effects are used for analgesia, heart strengthening, immunity enhancement and so on. It is mainly used to treat cancer pain and heart failure, Low immunity, etc. According to relevant data, Hanzhong has an annual output of more than 6000 tons of fresh aconite, accounting for the National... [details]

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