3 thoughts on “Does CCB credit card brush gold and silver jewelry?”

  1. Generally, points are calculated, but it depends on the merchant’s POS settings. If the merchant sets it to some kind of trading category that does not count the points, there will be no points.
    The cardholder uses China Construction Bank Dragon Card Credit Card in hotels, hotels, catering, entertainment, department stores, and other retail store merchants. If you want to know which transactions do not have points
    , you can log in to the CCB Credit Card official website and select “Points Exchange”-Announcement, you can view “Dragon Card Credit Card Consumption Not the Announcement of Merchant Merchants”. Category and corresponding MCC code.

  2. It must be calculated. Gold jewelry jewelry is a card. The store gives a lot of fees for banks, just be careful not to be coded, that is, the merchant’s POS is not in the name of jewelry stores.

  3. Hi! This should have points. There are no points to swipe the card on the ceiling machine. For example: buy a house, buy a car, and buy insurance basically without points. Hope to help you!

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