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  1. Precautions: Fry the peanuts and melon seeds. It is fast when mixed, and it should be fast when cutting. Don't wait for cold and cut Xiaomi to be particularly scattered.
    The brown seed oil, sparse sugar, sugar, water pour into the pan until boiling;
    mades then pour peanuts and melon seeds into the pot and stir -fry;
    observed peanuts and seeds to stir fry golden yellow Yes;
    Mi the prepared millet and black sesames are poured into the pot and stir well;
    Phling the pot in the pot into the rectangular grid;
    n to grow Xiaomi to grow square shape;
    , cut into a small square with a small piece into a small piece to eat;

  2. Caijue and efficacy: dessert/snacks, replenishment recipes, digestion of bad recipes
    main ingredients: 500 grams of millet noodles
    seasoning: 250 grams of white sugar, 10 grams of sugar osmanthus flower, lard (refined) 150 grams
    The method of rubbing the crispy of Xiaomi:
    1. Put the millet noodles in a wok, fry it with low heat until slightly yellow, leave the fire, pour the case board after cooling, and use a rolling pin.
    2. Put the processed millet noodles in the pot, add sugar, and mix well.
    . Pour the lard into the pot, heat it to the millet noodles, and mix well as soon as possible.
    4. Wash all kinds of small molds, put them in the mixed crispy millet noodles, compact, apply light, and gently scratch it.

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