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  1. To buy physical gold in a bank, you need to bring your ID card directly to the counter.
    This purchase of physical gold in the bank will float about ten yuan (including commissions, handling fees, etc.) at the international gold price meeting on that day. You can consult the bank's precious metal staff.
    The banks have launched personal gold investment products. Among them, banks that have developed physical gold business include the "Ruyi Gold Bar" of ICBC, the gold bars sold by the Agricultural Bank of China, the "Long Ding Gold" series of CCB, and the "Gaosel" gold bar of China Merchants Bank. "Jin Bao", "Jin Ying" of Huaxia Bank.
    It if the customer needs to extract the real thing, you must make an appointment one week in advance, and then pick up the goods from the vault. To purchase physical gold, the full amount is required, but the purchase threshold is relatively high.
    The expansion data
    The real gold bars are usually divided into commemorative gold bars and investment gold bars. The main differences processing process is different. The commemorative gold bars are often exquisitely designed, exquisite in craftsmanship, and are more sought after by consumers. The investment -type gold bars are relatively simple and the appearance will not be too exquisite. The bank's brand gold bars have also launched a lot of investment -type gold bars with low premiums.
    Blings of bank physical gold characteristics: _
    (1) Brand guarantee: ICBC's independent design, engraved with ICBC LOGO
    (2) Transparent price: Listing price announced daily, with the international market gold gold Price links
    (3) Complete specifications: including multiple specifications, which can meet the needs of gifts and collection
    (4) Buying repurchase service: Customers only need to carry Ruyi's gold bars and Relevant certificates and invoices can be processed at the designated outlets
    At present, ICBC, China Merchants Bank, and Industrial Bank have launched physical gold investment products. Investing in physical gold, investors only need to hold cash or valid documents such as savings cards issued in the bank and ID cards, and they can purchase them at the price announced by the bank. Banks will issue invoices and transactions for investors. Extended materials are strictly tested on gold products in China, and regular businesses are purchased from raw materials to storage, and then processing and sales. The supervision of the entire link is generally standardized. The sales of gold bars in major domestic brands and major channels can generally be repurchased, and they must be damaged when repurchasing. Then spray with a musket, and the gold bars become "golden pimples". The question is known as a test. Moreover, the production process is actually relatively simple, and there will be no technical problems, but the gold jewelry process is relatively complicated. A small number of enterprises may have a small amount of gold controversy on very small problems such as solder joints, but it is not a problem of adulteration. Consumers don't have to worry.
    Professional appraisal agencies generally identify gold and silver products through two methods. One is non -destructive testing, that is, it is identified by physical methods such as spectrums, which will not have any exterior impact on the goods; Damage testing, extract the commodity surface to extract substances for chemical identification. my country's gold content requirements for sufficient gold are 990 ‰, thousands of feet gold is 999 ‰, and even 999.9 ‰ of high purity gold. 9999 gold must be identified by chemical method, and the rest can be used by physical laws.
    Due to the "gold -free gold", the gold bars and gold jewelry with high purity contain impurities. Therefore, as long as the gold content is reached, the state does not make clear regulations on whether the impurities contain tungsten and 铱, and it is not said that it is said that Gold bars contain elements such as tungsten and 含, which are unqualified. The key is to depend on the final gold content. Even if gold bars and gold jewelry contain two -density and crickets that are similar to gold, the appraisal agency can still identify it through professional chemical means, which is by no means difficult to detect.

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