1 thought on “How to make rice crispy”

  1. 1 Prepare baking trays. Apply some oil on the baking sheet or spread on the baking sheet with baking oil paper.
    2 The (artificial) butter fire melted (artificial) in a large stew.
    3 Pour the marshmallow into the melted butter and mix it to melt it.
    4 stops heating.
    5 Pour the Bufu rice into the pot and mix well.
    6 Pour the mixed mixture on the prepared baking sheet.
    7 spread out and flattened the surface. You can operate with a wax paper or using a scraper dipped in butter.
    8 cool. After cooling the whole, cut it into a 5 cm square block.
    9 can be enjoyed. Freshly baked rice crispy is often the best, so please do it now, enjoy it alone or share with friends, you will never stop your mouth.

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