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  1. pit. But it can be avoided.
    1. Pay attention to the weight of the jewelry. One of the most common traps in Golden Store is that the weight of jewelry at the counter is inconsistent with its actual weight. We all know that the value of gold is measured by weight. 1 gram less, which is equivalent to losing hundreds of dollars. Therefore, when we buy jewelry in the gold shop, we must weigh this jewelry to see if the actual weight of this jewelry is consistent with the weight of the counter.
    2, pay attention to the hardness of the jewelry. There are many black -hearted golden shops who know that customers will check the weight when they buy gold jewelry, so they make hands and feet in the interior of the jewelry and mix some other metals in. Therefore, when we buy jewelry in Golden Store, we must touch this jewelry to check its hardness. If it feels soft, it means that it does not mix other metals in. If it feels hard, it means that it is mixed with other metals.
    3. Do not buy a gold jewelry. People who often go to gold shops to buy jewelry know that there will be a price jewelry in Golden Store. The style and design of this jewelry are relatively novel and look very beautiful. But the price of this one -time price of jewelry is fixed, whether gold rises or falls, it is the price. Under normal circumstances, the price of jewelery is higher than other gold jewelry, but the reason for it is because its design is novel, not strong value preservation. If it is worthy of preservation, it is far inferior to other gold jewelry, so we try not to buy gold jewelry in the gold shop.

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