1 thought on “What are the skills to wear gold jewelry correctly”

  1. 1. Gold jewelry should avoid frequent contact with sweat
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    a major reason for the discoloration or discoloration of gold jewelry is closely related to human sweat. As we all know, human perspiration is also a process of detoxification. Therefore, human perspiration must contain a small amount of internal wastes and harmful substances, such as chlorinated substances, lactic acid, urea ammonia, etc. when these substances are contacted with silver and copper in gold jewelry, they will undergo chemical reaction to produce silver chloride and copper sulfide, which will appear dark black and affect the luster of gold jewelry. Therefore, when you wear gold jewelry, especially in summer, you should regularly clean the jewelry
    2. The influence of the regional environment can also make the gold jewelry tarnish.
    when the air is dry, there will be more fine dust in the air, which will be absorbed on the human body to form "human body sandpaper". If you were wearing gold jewelry at that time, the "human body sandpaper" can abrade the gold jewelry into very fine debris, which may not be noticed at the beginning, For a long time, local black spots will appear on the surface of jewelry. Therefore, the influence of regional environment can also make the gold jewelry lose luster
    3. Mercury corrodes the surface layer of gold jewelry
    the corroding effect of mercury on the surface layer of gold jewelry is mainly due to a chemical reaction called Bian amalgam when gold meets mercury, forming a new material, gold amalgam. The color of the gold amalgam is yellow and white. It is attached to the gold jewelry, and it feels like the gold jewelry is fading. Now many cosmetics often contain a small amount of lead and mercury. If gold jewelry is often in contact with these substances, it will cause white spots on the surface of jewelry
    4. Collision and heavy blow are major blows to gold jewelry.
    as many people know, the texture of gold jewelry is relatively soft, so casual collision or heavy blow in life is a major blow to anxious jewelry. A slight collision may cause jewelry deformation, but if it is a strong blow, it may even cause gold jewelry to break. Therefore, it is best not to wear gold jewelry when doing housework and strenuous exercise
    although gold jewelry is gorgeous and beautiful, if you do not master the correct wearing skills and properly maintain it during the wearing process, the gold jewelry will lose its bright luster, not only become dim, but also become unrecoverable.

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