2 thoughts on “What brand is Tiffany? How much is the price?”

  1. It is a jewelry brand. Tiffany is always a symbol of freedom, noble romance. Each classic design and amazing perfect masterpiece are exquisite art and noble quality crystals. This well -known brand of drilling has 23 countries and royal members of Tiffany. The Victorian Queen, Russian Tsar, Egyptian President, King of Persia, and the royal family of Greece all fascinated by Tiffany. Tiffany has also become a compulsory course for American high -end social election jewelery and sexy boutique.
    Because of the movie "Breakfast of Tanani", it is hot.
    The price from hundreds of pieces of silver necklaces to tens of thousands of jewelry. It's not a very expensive brand. It is still good to buy and wear it. It is more stylish than domestic brands.

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