5 thoughts on “What do you sell for tourist attractions to make money?”

  1. Good cultural and creative products should be able to highlight the characteristics of the local culture, but also combine it well with the scenic area. It has very deep tourism commemorative significance. It can also be brought back as a small gift for friends and relatives. The craftsmanship must be sophisticated.
    If you feel useful, please adopt it, thank you.

  2. What business is suitable for tourist attractions? I think you can try to do the following business.

    . Special food. 1. In most tourist attractions, I think it is best to make snacks, especially those food business with local characteristics and local folk customs. For example, when we travel to Changsha, the stinky tofu in Changsha is the most distinctive. Another example is that there is a "Wu Dalang" biscuits in Hefang Street in Hangzhou, which is also very interesting. These prices are not expensive. Everyone will taste it, so that the business comes. You can also make special snacks from other places, such as Yunnan rice noodles, Xi'an meat crickets, grilled oysters, Turkish barbecue and other similar specialty snacks. It can be operated in single item or multiple operations. The business is relatively stable, as long as someone in the scenic area can have business. 2. If you have sufficient funds, you can also choose to open restaurants and make Chinese fast food in the scenic area or around the scenic area. The business should also be good. 3. You can also make milk tea shops, cold drink shops, fruit fishing, all kinds of fruit juice, etc.

    . Craft shops, toy shops. Mainly some tourist souvenirs. These things can be available in the wholesale market and online, but these stores are large and small in the scenic area, highly competitive, and can make money under normal circumstances. It is a souvenir with local characteristics.

    . You can also try to do it.

    In short, I think the business in the scenic area is better. This is my personal opinion.

    This reminder. Affected by this year's epidemic, the number of people in the scenic area may not be as many as in previous years. The business should not be very good. Investment needs to be cautious. Don't invest too much.

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