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  1. 1. Plush toys: Most girls like plush toys, and boys prefer it. On birthdays, you can buy a plush toy for each other.
    2, pen bag: Pen bag is a school supplies that each student needs to use. When a good friend celebrates his birthday, pick a pen bag suitable for the other party to give it to the other party. It is very practical.
    3, exquisite book: When a good friend celebrates his birthday, you can also buy a exquisite book for the other party. You can write a diary or write classroom notes.
    4, flowers: Every girl has flowers without immunity. Beautiful and fragrant flowers can always capture the hearts of girls, so send a friend's birthday gift. Flowers should be the first choice. You can also choose a flower that symbolizes friendship.
    5, bags: Bags are usually used by girls. Whether going out, shopping, or going to work, I can't do without the bag, especially when the clothes are rarely pocket in summer, the bag is a must -have order. Products, and girls will not think more.
    Extension information:
    If gifts should pay attention to the occasion and the status of the gift. Self -esteem, send trouble. So gift giving is also a matter of mind.
    While choosing a gift, it is best to consider the needs of the recipient. Some pay attention to taste, so we must pay attention to the quality of gifts and ornamental value. At the same time, the packaging of gifts is also very particular, and beautiful and generous packaging will be welcomed by people.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Gift

  2. 1. Chocolate gift box
    said that life is like chocolate. Only by tasted personally, you know all kinds of taste. Chocolate is one of the favorite gifts for girls. Its sweetness is reflective. It represents the meaning of the meaning. Besides, this chocolate can also customize the lettering. The expression on the chocolate will make girls laugh.
    2, earrings
    although earrings are simple and small, but it represents the meaning. The left earrings represent: "Commemorating love", the right earrings represent: "There is (right) you in your heart." Without gorgeous decoration, as long as one pair can capture people's hearts.
    3, real -life photo wood portrayal
    This live wood portrayal is also a very literary gift for girls. As long as you provide photos, you can make girls look on the wooden painting board. Save, very memorable.
    4, ladies' watches
    people say that women love bags, men love watches, in fact, many women also like watches. A small bracelet watch is worn on the hand, which can not only reflect the flexible beauty of girls 'wrists, but also increase the temperament of girls' ladies. It is usually convenient to see time.
    5, teddy bear doll bouquet
    Alip is the most romantic gift, and it is also one of the gifts for girls to receive. Although the rose is the most romantic, it is not suitable for all girls, and this teddy bear doll can not only give any girl, but also be kept permanent. It has both romantic and cute side. It is very lovely to send girls to girls. Walk your heart.
    6, jewelry storage box
    The maintenance is a topic of girls. Girls must have a plan to maintain their skin after 20 years of age. Each girl has some beauty skin care products that they like. The princess style jewelry storage box helps her store these bottles and cans. In addition to storing cosmetics, she can also store jewelry.
    7, constant warm warmth cup
    girls can not drink cold water for a few days. In fact, drinking warm water is the best choice, which can reduce the stomach irritation. This 55 ° constant temperature cup can quickly keep hot water to 55 °, which is the most intimate gift for girls.

  3. China has been the state of etiquette since ancient times, and traditionally pays great attention to etiquette. Gifts are also the most expressive way to communicate. Objectively speaking, giving gifts is restricted by time, environment, and customs; subjectively, gift giving is different due to objects and purposes. Therefore, giving gifts is also an art. It is very mysterious who gives, whatever, and how to send it.
    This giving gifts;

    Although gift giving can make friends more sincere, more harmonious between loved ones, and more love between lovers, but do not know the necessary etiquette, it is counterproductive. For example, send some gifts thrown after meeting; gifts that are taboo for each other; gifts for people to give people gifts and so on. Not only do you not receive your feelings, but you will have prejudice to you. Furthermore, what should I give to my friends, what should I give to my parents, what to get on my birthday, what kind of flowers can be delivered, and when it can be delivered, it is too light or heavy, etc. Essence If you don't know the necessary etiquette, it will be counterproductive.

    So how should I send it? At least, there is such a concept in your mind: the most important thing to give gifts is to show your mind, that is, you can send goose hair thousands of miles, and the ritual is light and affectionate!
    The second is according to the needs. It is embarrassing to give people unnecessary gifts and lose meaning. Carefully analyze the details, gender, family conditions and living habits of the gifts to provide reference for gift giving. The third is frequent contact. The frequency and life of the gifts are also concerned. If you send some consumables or products with a very low usage rate, the significance of gift gifts will be reduced with the short life of the gift.

    This considers two aspects to be considered: First, the purpose of giving gifts. Everyone has a certain purpose. Friends give gifts to deepen their friendship. Parents give their children a gift to enhance their affection. The husband gives a gift to his wife to sublimate love. The staff gives the leaders to deepen the private relationship. Therefore, different gift giving purposes determine to buy different gifts. The second is the object of gift giving. For people with different personalities, different status and taste, the gifts they give are different. A person with a strong career, on the birthday or festive day, if he can send gifts with the meaning of "big exhibitions" and "horse to success", he will be satisfied. Sentences give gifts to the elders, it is advisable to choose health and nourishing gifts. The object of gift giving is a businessman. You must give a symbolic significance of "financial extension" and "business prosperity".

    The most important point when giving gifts is that the gifts that are sent out must make people happy without making people sad and embarrassed. Therefore, the gift should be considered and the occasion should be considered. Generally, when you go to a private home banquet, you should bring some small gifts for the hostess, such as bouquets and souvenirs. If you have children, you can send toys and candy. In addition to art costumes, you can also give bouquets and practical items in addition to art. In the New Year and Christmas, you can generally send calendars, wine, tea, candy, smoke, etc.

    The paste in life;

    The gift giving is an emotional investment that can shorten the emotional distance between people, facilitate people's communication, and achieve consensus. There are more ritual affection. This is an experience summarized by people. Learning to give gifts to gifts is equivalent to learning a art of interpersonal communication.

  4. Flowers suitable for friends: full star.
    The meaning of the stars: purity and purity; the meaning of the stars has the meaning of purity, expressing the consistency of personal feelings, can also be given to young female friends, expressing praise for them fresh, natural and generous. Essence
    The stars are widely used. Because it has a small flower shape, light -colored, and the flower position is elastic, the temperament is elegant and beautiful, giving people a sense of hazy, the inflorescence group is excellent, it is an important foil flower material. It is one of the most popular cut flowers today. Although the price It is expensive, but it is very popular.

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