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  1. There is an old saying that "a pair of ten fingers and a hundred fingers of jade are fine, not elegant and elegant. It can be seen that beautiful fingers and jewelry will complement each other. But how do many girls wear rings when their fingers are short and not thin? You should know that jewelry is a favorite that girls can't give up. today, I'll introduce to you how to choose a ring for a girl with thick fingers. If you are interested, please come and learn about it

    first of all, girls with thick fingers must not choose thin and delicate rings. Although these rings are delicate and beautiful, they are strongly incompatible with thick fingers, and their fingers will appear stronger under the comparison of thin fingers. Therefore, when choosing rings, sisters with thick fingers should try to choose rings with a ring width of about 4 mm, Remember that the wide ring and thick finger will match more visually

    secondly, girls with thick fingers should also pay attention to the ring style when selecting rings. Generally speaking, thick fingers are not suitable for designing complicated and fancy rings, but a single wide ring is monotonous and rigid. What style can reconcile this embarrassment? Small friends with thick fingers can try a ring with wavy shape or V shape, which are good choices. This type of modeling can not only adjust the single visual effect, but also not be too fancy. it can also visually stretch the curve and length of the finger, which is really a good news for thick finger girls

    in addition, when choosing a ring with diamond jewelry, girls with thick fingers had better not choose a ring with square gemstone shape. this kind of ring and thick fingers will further weaken the soft feeling of women's fingers, so it is best to choose a ring with round, water drop or Oval Gemstone shape. As for the "claw type", conventional four claws and six claws are good choices

    therefore, a girl with thick fingers is not without a beautiful ring. As long as she finds a suitable style, she will also show the delicate beauty of women against the background of jewelry. what experience and opinions do you have about wearing rings with thick fingers? Welcome to leave a message to Xiaobian. Let's share and learn together

  2. The ring is a very beautiful thing for every woman, and the moment you are wearing it on the wedding day, you are undoubtedly the happiest. But for those with thick and short fingers, is there a big problem in choosing a ring? In fact, if your fingers are thick and short, it is recommended that you do not choose a ring with too thin ring, and it is better to choose a ring with a width of more than 5mm. This is because too thin a ring will make people feel thick. People with fair hands are suitable for silver or silver white rings, and people with dark hands are suitable for gold or gold and white or silver white alloy mixed rings.

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