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  1. Aries, enthusiastic and righteous Aries, unbearable to ordinary and lacking imagination, like novel and valuable gifts.

    In him: a multi -purpose fur, a special pen.

    This: Give her: a bottle of brand -name perfume, a texture and design of a jacket or sweater.

    The Taurus Taurus is a very practical lover. “Practical and beautiful” is the highest guidance principle of gift giving, so the gift given to them is best to consider their real needs.

    This: Calculator for financial management, a solid and durable belt or a pair of warm gloves.

    Staters: a pair of casual shoes or cloth shoes, a multi -functional leather bag.

    The Gemini to give Gemini with a lot of ideas and strong knowledge to choose gifts.

    In a box of puzzle game group, a newly listed electronic product.

    This: Send her: a group of perfume gift boxes (the better, the better), a box of chocolate with a variety of flavors.

    Cancer’s understanding Cancer lover, who likes to feel at home and feel at home. Personalized gifts can move their hearts best.

    In a set of classic music CDs, a pair of warm cushions.

    Staters: a set of bedding or two heart -shaped soft pillows, a pair of cute ceramic doll ornaments.

    This lion’s hearty and proud lion, which requires a gorgeous gift to satisfy his or her vanity.

    In him: a fashionable brand shirt, a beautifully packaged leather vest.

    This to give her: a fashionable and beautiful bag, a large series of colorful and cute balloons, plus a large bouquet of gorgeous bouquets.

    Mu Virgo attaches great importance to the virgin lover who has a perfect life and has a perfect tendencies. What really needs is a sense of intention. If it is not fully understood their taste, do not give clothes lightly. Personal gifts, otherwise some beauty may be counterproductive.

    This: A book he is interested in studying, a card full of true feelings and love.

    The warm flower box, a unique music box, a bouquet of tulips or purple roses.

    The Libra to please the smart and rational Libra lover, it is not easy. A tasteful and textured Valentine’s Day gift requires you to choose carefully.

    In him: a chic sports watch, a book of celebrity biography.

    This to send her: a small K gold bracelet, a romantic music CD.

    The Scorpio Scorpio lover, a Scorpio, is a very self -centered lover. When giving him or her gift, he is based on the principle of heavy quality and not heavy.

    This Send him: a pair of male sexy charm, a official shirt with a famous brand, a giant antique car poster, an antique watch, and suspender.

    This: A golden bracelet, a silk soft shirt, and a bottle of fragrance with a very sweet flavor.

    The free Sagittarius Sagittarius lover. Although his personality does not like to be restrained, he likes to receive a Valentine’s Day gift that can represent love.

    This: A pair of lover tables with names, a travel book, or a CD disc about nature.

    This sending her: a necklace or ring with her name, a bouquet of flowers and two pieces of lovers who can be worn on Valentine’s Day.

    Capricorn bravely moved forward and solid Capricorn lover. Everything likes to act according to the plan and preferences. Therefore, when giving him a gift, it is easier to please with the principle of symbolic significance.

    The send him: an inspirational book, a neutral color and a formal tie.

    This to give her: a bottle of pale perfume with a soft and soft fragrance, a retro -shaped sunglasses.

    The Aquarius lover, known as the wisdom and star of Aquarius, has long been longing and looking forward to the lover, but love and friendship are just as important to them. If your relationship is not very mature Don’t be too careful about it, just express it naturally. Intellectual gifts or novel and interesting things are suitable.

    In him: a set of music CDs, a simple cute pattern sports T -shirt.

    The free Internet access time for a month, coupled with vivid and interesting online curriculum teaching, a cute velvet toy and two art exhibition tickets.

    The words of Pisces “Ritual Light Love” are the most useful for romantic and understanding fish. They usually don’t care about the price of gifts, but are the gifts really attentive?

    In him: A multifunctional trip uses alarm clock and a book to explore the soul.

    This: Give her a bottle of rose sesame oil plus a set of fragrance and elegant soap gift box, a light and cute music box.

    Is happy Valentine’s Day! Intersection Intersection

  2. First of all, it is necessary to determine the occasion you send her, whether you are in the public or at home, and the second is what you want to express. Everyone’s personality is different. I don’t like to do things. In fact, gift gifts are just a form. I just want to tell her the extent you value her. And giving gifts depends on your girlfriend’s personality. If she really wants to live with you, she will not be dissatisfied with you in order not to get a diamond ring. Personally, I think that roses (not necessarily must be roses, depending on your girlfriend’s preferences) Flowers should be prepared, then a delicate small gift, depending on what your girlfriend usually likes, if it is my girlfriend, if it is my girlfriend, She will really want me to send her a cute doll like a hairy bear. Try to do it by yourself. If you do n’t have to eat it, you can go out to eat, because the girl cares about not the result, it is the process, that is, the importance is not obtained, but the mind. Then turn on the computer and tell her that you spend 100 Baidu points for her. You need to answer 50 questions about this 100 points to explain your intentions. At this time, she will be complained by you. The most important thing for Valentine’s Day is not surprise. Instead, the atmosphere, the two people’s harmonious, sweet, and happy atmosphere is much more important than a surprise. Moreover, surprises are not actually a gift or an action. According to psychology, the surprise is often passed through the passage. A series of unexpected behaviors of the other party, with risks, because girls’ ability to resist surprise is already very high. Naive, it is counterproductive! If your wife is a woman, your series of practices may not only get her surprise, but also in exchange for her heart, but it will be tired, depending on whether you can stick to it, you don’t agree with Valentine’s Day, two If you still have the passion of love, the sweetest time is when the two -person world …

  3. Option 1: Put beautiful fireworks downstairs in her house at night. Essence Essence Then send three roses and a beam of lilies. Essence Essence Essence More labor -saving.
    Igam 2: Walking in the central government in the square in the evening. At this time, a red banner needs a few friends to help “** I love you!!! **”. Then you need to help 99 roses, plus a deep kiss. Essence Essence
    Igam 3: Send him a diamond ring. In fact, if she loves you, she will not care about the valuable rings. She cares about the meaning of the ring. Essence ——The “ring” circle is the smallest, most dense, and cannot be opened, so it is the most firm, the most deadly!
    Igly, plan three. Essence Essence

  4. Chocolate and red roses are essential.
    Under this situation
    It you have to think of a novel gift to give her
    This. This gift must be something she wants, but it is impossible to get something easily.
    I know you don’t have too much money to buy her what she likes,
    , but I think
    is under this situation
    is the surprise! Intersection Intersection

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