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  1. 1. Silk
    Suzhou is not only a city of gardens, but also a silk house. During the Tang and Song dynasties, Suzhou was the national silk center. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, most of the Royal Synthetic silk fabrics also came from the hands of Suzhou weaving. Therefore, Suzhou is known as the "Silk Hometown".
    2, Su Embroidery
    Su embroidery is the general name of embroidery products in Suzhou, and one of the excellent national traditional craftsmanship of the Han nationality. Su Xiu has a unique style of beautiful patterns, clever ideas, meticulous embroidery, lively acupuncture, and elegant colors. The local characteristics are very rich.
    3, Taohuawu woodcut New Year painting
    Tihuawu New Year painting is the Han folk wood version of the Han nationality in the south of the Jiangnan area. The so -called woodcut New Year painting is to carve the line lines of the picture with wooden boards, then print on the paper with ink, and then fill in painting with color ink.
    4, Soviet -style cakes
    Su -style pastries are known for sweet, loose, glutinous, and toughness. They are a major feature of Suzhou diet. Traditional seasonal product varieties account for more than half of the entire name and traditional varieties. Spring cakes have wine cakes, snow cakes, etc.; Summer cakes have mint cakes, mung bean cakes, small square cakes and other autumn crispy crisps, chrysanthemum crispy Moon cakes, etc.; Winter sugar has sesame crispy sugar, sugar rice cake, etc.
    5, Biluochun
    Biluochun is a traditional Chinese famous tea, one of the top ten famous tea in China, belonging to green tea, and has a history of more than 1,000 years. Biluochun is produced in Dongtong Tingshan and Xidong Tingshan (now Wuzhong District, Suzhou) in Taihu, Wu County, Suzhou City, so it is also known as "Dongting Biluochun"

  2. When I was doing a tour guide in Suzhou, I brought the guests as a souvenir with Suzhou characteristic.
    1. Silk. There are many silk museums in Suzhou, and a trace of the field is often gone. Small square towels are cheap. Silk clothes and tie things are really good, and they are very comfortable.
    2. Pearl. Taihu Pearl, local appearance, the price is not expensive and very raised.
    3. Food. Drying garden, Huangtianyuan, Daoxiang Village and other local shops sell tofu dried tofu, three hoofs, Taihu Sanbai, various cakes, rice dumplings, and so on.
    4. Folk handicrafts. If you go to Shantang Street, you can bring a few raccoon cats, 3 fast money, children like it very much. Other things may be similar in tourist attractions in various places, and civet cats are the only one.
    5. Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, meat moon cakes, osmanthus sugar wine, chicken head rice is more seasonal.

    It hope it will be helpful to you ~

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