Why does the diamond ring not flicker under the sun but flicker under the light?

Does this mean that it is a fake? Will the diamond ring shine in the sun?

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  1. Because of its high refractive index, diamonds appear sparkling in the light. The twinkling of diamonds refers to the phenomenon that the light enters the gems, and the gems appear spectral color twinkling due to the color effect. During observation, it is found that diamonds sometimes emit colorful light, which is related to the twinkling of diamonds. Its flicker depends on the light source refracted back to the table after passing through the facet of the diamond

    if the diamond is cut too shallow, the light will escape from the bottom to cause the brightness of the diamond to be damaged. If the diamond is too deep, the light will easily escape from the bottom, and the brightness of the diamond will be damaged, lose luster and become dim

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    diamond color

    diamonds have various colors, from colorless to black, and colorless is the best. They can be transparent, translucent or opaque. Many diamonds are yellowish, which is mainly due to impurities in diamonds. The refractive index of diamond is very high, and the dispersion property is also very strong, which is the reason why diamond reflects colorful flashes

    diamond will emit blue-green fluorescence under X-ray irradiation. The primary diamond ore is only produced in kimberlite tube or a few potassium magnesium lamprophyres. Kimberlite is their parent rock, and diamonds in other places are transported by rivers and glaciers. Diamond is generally granular. If the diamond is heated to 1000 ℃, it will slowly become graphite

    reference: Baidu Encyclopedia - Diamond

  2. Because of its high refractive index, diamonds appear sparkling in the light. Brightness () because of its extremely high reflectivity, diamond has a small critical angle of reflection, a wide range of total reflection, easy total reflection of light, and a large amount of reflected light, resulting in high brightness

    luster: the hard, flat and bright crystal surface or cleavage surface of corundum like extraction has a particularly strong reflection effect on white light, and this very characteristic reflection effect is called diamond luster

    scintillation () the scintillation of diamond is the flash, that is, the reflection and flash of white light on the surface of diamond or light source and observer when they move relatively. Colorless, transparent and well crystallized octahedral or curved surface shaped diamonds can exhibit good scintillation even without cutting and grinding

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    synthetic diamond:

    there are mainly two methods of synthetic diamond, high temperature and high pressure method and chemical vapor deposition method

    the technology of high temperature and high pressure method has been very mature and has formed an industry. The domestic output is extremely high, which is the highest in the world

    chemical vapor deposition still exists mainly in the laboratory

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  3. The diamond does not emit light by itself, and its flicker depends on the return fire refracted back to the table after the light source passes through the facet of the diamond

    under different light source environment, different cutting, crystal clarity and fluorescence degree of diamond will affect the degree of return fire received by the naked eye

    the outdoor sunlight is too bright. In this case, the naked eye is not very sensitive to the return fire. The diamond rings with small diamonds are weak in the outdoor and feel less bright than in the indoor light. However, the large carat single diamond ring can solve this problem appropriately

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    the meaning of wearing a diamond ring:

    it is worn on the right hand. Traditionally, there is also a finger that is meaningful when wearing a ring:

    that is the ring finger. It is said that wearing it here indicates that it has the spirit of a nun

    it is very strange to wear a ring on your thumb, so it is not recommended. Wearing the ring on the index finger, I feel that I have a personal opinion

    the most formal way to wear it is to wear it on the middle finger. If you don't want to feel too formal, you can add a simple ring on the left or right finger

    the ring on the ring finger is usually a wedding ring, and the ring finger is relatively thin. Therefore, no matter what ring you wear, it is standard and elegant

    the freshest way to wear a ring is to wear it on your little finger. A small and simple tail ring makes women's hands inexplicably cute. It generally means "I just want to be single now, please don't waste time chasing me"

    reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia - diamond ring

  4. Diamonds are like this. Under the sun, the light is strong on all sides, which blocks the light of diamonds. Under the light, the light is the strongest at the top. Therefore, when you look at them from the side, the diamonds flash brilliantly. Real diamonds have a hardness of 10, which can leave scratches on any object, while fake diamonds do not.

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