5 thoughts on “Zhou Dasheng's price is a pit.”

  1. It seems that I have more than one. A few days ago, I helped my mother buy a necklace. It was also a price. It was bought by the shopping guide at the Chinese jewelry store. Later, when I found that they asked the store to change the heavy heavy, they would not change heavy at that time. I agreed to change it. When I bought it, I said that I could change the money to reducing the value to keep the value. Those shopping guides do not mention the gold that can not be replaced at all. You say that the pit is not popular, and when you are looking for her, you do n’t admit that you do n’t say it. It ’s really angry. Do n’t buy a price of jewelry at a high price.

  2. Zhou Dasheng. I bought a bracelet the day before yesterday. 14000. I didn't tell me the weight at that time. It is said to be in one price. Sell ​​24 grams a scale. Combine to almost 600 per gram. It's really pit. At that time, I kept asking me not to tell me. Now that the calculation of grams is required, it is not agreed. This kind of black shop. Don't buy it in the future.

  3. Zhou Dasheng's hard gold is indeed a pit price, and it is more than two hundred more expensive than the hard gold one gram of it. I also spent a thousand dollars. When you buy it, the clerk will let you buy a hard gold. Don't believe them. The hard gold is still the kind of buying theory.

  4. I also fooled at Ning'er Zhou Dasheng Gold Store. In the future, I won't take 999 to change a price gold. A price gold is 22K gold. I hope the group friends should not be deceived. Tell each other.

  5. I bought a price of a price at the gold in China today, preparing for the engagement belt, and also selling a lot of money to sell a lot. The 2100 yuan ring is paid. I suddenly remembered how many grams. Kak, I haven't bought gold jewelry before, and I know less. I calculate 800 yuan a gram. It ’s too pit. I’ m not embarrassed after paying. Remember, I liked the style at that time! How do you think about it? The object comforts me and said, you can like it, it is more expensive, it's okay!

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