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  1. Color is divided into d-z color, D color is the best! I-J color is more yellow! Cleanliness: if, VVS, vs, Si, P, if is the best, but generally only VVS is given. This is good for you! Pt950 is platinum. The ring holder is good and large enough. The main diamond is 1.53 carat and the auxiliary diamond is 0.42 carat. It is quite good. It should be around 100000 yuan! Is it national inspection or GIA certificate?

  2. The material of pt950 is 95% Pt
    d0153ct, which means the size of the main diamond
    d0042ct, which means the size (weight) of other small diamonds
    the total mass is 14.1324g, which is the total weight of the diamond and the ring rest.

    color level I-J, which is the color of the diamond.
    clarity level VVS, which is the clarity of the diamond

  3. Let me explain one by one.
    pt950 is the abbreviation for platinum, which is the gold material used in the metal part of jewelry. Pt950 is a metal containing 950 ‰ of gold (Platinum)
    D 0.153ct, D 0.0042ct, D and D are the abbreviations of diamond, CT is the abbreviation of carat weight. The front one is the weight of the main stone, and the back one is the weight of the pendant stone.
    the total mass is 14.1324g, which is the weight of your jewelry, and the total mass is 14.1324g.
    color level: I-J color is the color level of the main stone (D — Z is the ranking of diamond color levels. In simple terms, color D is the best, and the later the level, the lower the level. Most diamonds below color l will not be used for left jewelry)
    clarity level VVS is the clarity level of diamonds (the order of cleanliness is from good to bad when observing the impurities contained in the diamond under a 10x magnifying glass. If VVS vs Si p if diamonds are generally not used as jewelry diamonds and most of them are used for collection).
    according to what you said, the price of this jewelry should be about 7000 yuan, which is relatively moderate.
    I hope my answer can help you. If you have any questions, you can ask me again. Quack

  4. 1. Pt950: Pt refers to platinum, the chemical element symbol of platinum, and the abbreviation of platinum in English. Pt950 refers to a platinum alloy with a platinum content of 95%. Its hardness is higher than that of pure platinum, and it is suitable for gemstone inlay

    2. D0153ct d0042ct: D refers to diamond, the first letter of diamond; CT is carat, the abbreviation of diamond weight unit. The two diamonds in the example are 0.153ct, 0.042ct, 1ct = 0.2g g

    3. The total mass is 14.1324g: refers to the weight of the whole jewelry (including gems)

    4. Color level I-J: refers to the color of diamonds, which is expressed in Chinese as light yellow and white. In the diamond color level table, the color is between white and yellow. The main color is white with a little yellow head, which is generally difficult to distinguish. The color grade of Cape series diamonds is d-z color, D color is the highest color grade colorless, and Z color is the deepest

    5. Clarity level VVS: the clarity level of a diamond is a specific description of the number, color, position and other parameters of the diamond content. The cleanliness level is in order from high to low: FL, if, VVS, vs, Si, I / P and so on. The bare stone should be divided into smaller ones.

  5. Pt950 refers to jewelry containing 95% platinum.

    1 carat is equal to 1 CT, 0.153ct and 0.042ct are 0.15 carat and 0.04 carat respectively.

    the color is ij level, not the best color.

    the cleanliness VVS is ideal.

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