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  1. Amber beeswax bracelet is a very popular jewelry in the jewelry market. Wearing amber beeswax bracelets can not only improve their temperament and taste. At the same time, the ingredients that are beneficial to the human body in the human body will be absorbed by the human body after long -term wearing, which will play a health role in the human body. But I found that many friends do not pay attention to the maintenance of amber beeswax bracelets, but damage its face value, decreased value, and reduce the effect. So today I will teach you how to maintain the maintenance of amber beeswax bracelets. Let Let’s take a look in the article.

    Due to the low hardness of amber beeswax, what is the concept of this hardness at about 2.5 to 3? In fact, it is similar to the hardness of our nails, as long as the hard object is friction, it will produce fine marks. Therefore, when wearing amber beeswax, be sure not to put it with high -hardness things, let alone wear with high hardness gems. When placed, we must also wrap it in a soft cloth and put it in the box.

    The amber beeswax bracelet, also pay attention to avoid amber beeswax contact with high temperature. Because amber beeswax is very afraid of high temperature, high temperature will make amber beeswax melting, which will affect the quality of amber beeswax.

    If wearing amber beeswax bracelets, do not contact the items of chemical ingredients, such as cosmetics, perfumes, laundry products, alcohol, kerosene, nail polish, and so on. Because these chemicals erode the surface of amber beeswax and destroy their structure. Amber’s gloss and quality.

    It when wearing amber beeswax, you can use baby oil moisturizing oil to maintain. Because beeswax amber is easy to dehydrate and crack, oil can prevent amber beeswax from dehydrating. Well, here is how to maintain amber beeswax.

  2. Amber beeswax is often worn like jade, which can be more oily, glossy, and long -term storage will lose its original luster. So how to maintain the luster of amber beeswax.

    . Playing the best maintenance method of long -term wear is to wear or play in the hand for a long time. The fat produced by the human body can make amber beeswax brighter and brighter.
    . Avoid high temperature
    The amber beeswax jewelry is the essence of resin, which can be melted, and the melting point is not too high. Therefore, amber beeswax jewelry should avoid exposure to the sun for a long time, and it should be far away from the heater. Amber is easy to dehydrate, and it should be avoided to cause cracks too much, and it should not be placed in a cosmetic cabinet. In addition, the melting point of the hematoporama is lower, so you should pay more attention to the summer, try to preserve it in a cool place to prevent high temperature deformation.

    . Avoid corrosion
    everyone knows that amber is an organic fossil, afraid of strong acid and strong alkali, so everyone should avoid products such as soaps, bath liquids, etc. Do not come into contact with organic solutions such as nail polish, perfumes, and gums with alcohol ingredients. If you accidentally encounter such substances, you should wash them in time.
    . Avoid collision scratch
    Due to the low hardness of amber beeswax, do not store sharp jewelry such as amber and diamonds together, and should be stored separately. Avoid bumps and falls. The friction with hard objects will make the surface rough and produce fine marks.

    . How to clean the amber beeswax
    The first purchased back, you can immediately soak it with water for 15 minutes. Add some salt effect to the effect of salt or pomelo leaves (commonly known as Guangfu people, commonly known as “Luyou leaves”, mountain herbal medicine stores are available), soake in water, clean the water after cleaning, and use a soft cloth that does not remove hair (such as eye cloth) to dry. You can also use a wet cloth directly. Essence If amber is an old and stain, you can dilute several drops of blue wizards with water for a few minutes or soak it with a neutral washing agent, and then rinse it with water. Do not use supersonic jewelry to clean the amber beeswax, which may be washed amber beeswax.
    . The repair of amber
    Plip the beloved amber scratching can be gently wiped with a soft cloth to gently wipe, so as to polish, and then add a little olive oil or tea oil, gently gently Wipe the surface of the amber, and then wipe off the multiple oils with cloth later to be beautiful.
    The wax oil that is mixed with tooth powder than the professional light method. It is necessary to rub it back and forth when the mixture is still hot.

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