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  1. 1. ingredients: 1 small handle of glutinous rice, 1 small handle of sesame, 1 walnut kernel, 1 small handle of white sugar, 1 small handle of sugar.

    2. Xiaomi 1 small handle. After washing, the microwave oven is fully soaked and fired for 4 or 5 minutes, steamed into millet rice.

    3. Add millet, 1 small spoon of sesame sauce to the flour, add water and add water to live as a dough.

    4. Rubbing and hit the dough to make Xiaomi and sesame sauce fully distributed.

    5. Cover the wet cloth and wake up for 20 to 30 minutes.

    6. Prepare hemp sauce filling when waking noodles: add 50g of sugar to 70g hemp sauce and stir well.

    7. Enter, 3 or 4 minutes high, let sugar melt fully, stir evenly into a smooth sesame sauce filling.

    8. The wake -up dough is rolled into a slightly thicker and slightly thick round sheet in the middle.

    9. Put half of the hemp sauce stuffing; wrap it like a bun, pinch the mouth tightly.

    10. Gently push away with your hands and roll the shape.

    11. The remaining hemp sauce filling is added with 1 spoon of color stretching oil and stirred evenly.

    12. Fold it into 30 % off, pinch the mouth tightly.

    13. Gently rolled the shape again and spread the remaining hemp sauce filling.

    14. Fold it into 30 % off again.

    15. Finally roll it into a square block, refer to the size of the pot.

    16. Heat the flat pan, turn to low heat, put it in the noodles, and start the pancake.

    17. Turn over many times in the middle, and keep turning continuously, until it is golden on both sides.

    18. Out of the pan, cut the plate.

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