What is the meaning of CTF, pt950 and LJ on Chow Tai Fook platinum ring

I bought a platinum ring in Chow Tai Fook. What does it mean to engrave CTF, pt950 and LJ inside? thank you

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  1. Hello:
    I also bought a pair of Chow Tai Fook platinum rings yesterday. I also asked the clerk LJ what he meant. The clerk said that it was the number of the mainland manufacturer!

  2. CTF is the English abbreviation of Chow Tai Fook, which is its logo. Because the ring space is limited, most brands use abbreviations
    pt950 refers to the ring material, platinum 950. PT900 and pt950 are common platinum in the general market

    as for the meaning of “LJ”… It’s really not clear. You didn’t ask for lettering? ha-ha

  3. CTF is the abbreviation of Chow Tai Fook. Pt950 is this kind of ring with a platinum content of 95%. LJ is the manufacturer’s name

    the ring made by pt950 is very stable. It is not easy to fade or change color when worn in ordinary life. Even contact with the chemical components in some cosmetics or laundry fluids will not affect their luster and brightness. The hardness of pt950 ring is small because of its high gold content. Therefore, when you wear it on weekdays, you must not collide with hard objects, otherwise it will easily deform

    extended data:

    precautions for the maintenance of platinum rings:

    1. When doing family affairs, do not let the diamond you wear be stained with oil or turn white water. Oil will affect the luster of the diamond; Blanching boiled water will cause metal to freckle

    2. It is not suitable to wear diamond ornaments for heavy work. Although the diamond is strong, hard and wear-resistant, it may be damaged if it is hit hard according to its texture direction. Do not wear jewelry during sports or heavy work to avoid collision or wear. Fragile gems, such as emeralds, are easy to break, so you must be especially careful when wearing them

    3. Do not put the diamonds and other gems in the drawer or jewelry box, because the diamonds will scratch other gems when they are rubbed. At the same time, platinum jewelry should not be worn at the same time as gold jewelry. Because gold is soft, if it rubs against each other, it will not only damage the gold jewelry, but also make the gold dye on the platinum, making it yellow and difficult to remove

    reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia platinum

    reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia pt950

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